How to claim your future in the Age of the MillenniALL

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“As a Millennial and as an employer of Millennials, it gave me a lot of thinking to do! I would highly recommend this book.”
Josh Bardsley, CEO and Founder, Avalanche Enterprise
“In this book, Sean does a great (and needed) job of shining a new light on the Millennial generation – thank you!”
Perry Power, Storyteller and Speaker
“This is a must-read for anyone looking to start a business. It’s provided me with advice and guidance that has been pivotal in the success of my first 12-months in business."
Luke Pitkin, CEO and Founder, Giig
"Sean tackles the hard truths facing our snowflake generation, while offering an empowering message: together, snowflakes can create an avalanche."
Ethan Spibey, Founder, Freedom to Donate and PROUD Beer

Challenges facing the Millennial generation 

An award-winning business and leadership performance coach, speaker and trainer, Sean Purcell’s number one, best seller book MillenniALL, inspires and motivates, as well as encourages all millennials, and those who work with them, to understand, identify and relate with the term.

Believing we are entering the Age of The Millennial, Sean explores politics, economics, business, housing, relationships and employment from the perspective of the generation born between 1980 and 2000 and advises companies on how to recruit, retain, market and sell to the millennial generation.

Referred to frequently as The Millennials Coach, Sean believes that businesses, directors, owners, leaders, managers - need to consider how they communicate with Millennials; there are specific challenges and opportunities facing this generation mostly due to stereotypes as well as very real and clear differences in the way that they understand the world, communicate and receive and process information. 

The millennial generation is rapidly becoming the largest and most influential globally so we must begin to explore what it means to be a millennial today.
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Who is Sean Purcell?

Sean is an accredited Business and Leadership Coach working with different business owners to develop their organisation, processes and ultimately take their business to the next level. Sean will help you to achieve your goals, build profit and grow your business. 
Clients receive real results working with a certified coach and it is a service tailored to your business needs. Whether it is to increase profit, develop your branding or creating high performing teams- Sean will work with you to achieve your goals. Sean’s work has also been identified, so much so he has been awarded ‘Best Client Results in East Anglia’ at the ActionCOACH awards 2019.
There are many services on offer to provide you with the coaching you need to create long-lasting growth. from bootcamps, one-to-one coaching, webinars and more. 
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An authority on leadership & business growth

With a mission to reduce small business failure in the UK, and as a strategist, futurist and business coach, Sean can assist with business growth and development and through event attendance or one-to-one coaching can help you achieve what you want to in your business.

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