A weekly podcast for entrepreneurs and leaders looking to create a better business

The Better Business Podcast is a brand new podcast series from award-winning business coach, best-selling author and accomplished business speaker Sean Purcell.
With a new episode every Wednesday, the Better Business Podcast examines all areas of business, from sales and marketing, to finance and team building. Not only will Sean share his award-winning guidance, but he’ll also be accompanied by guest speakers including industry experts and real-life business leaders and entrepreneurs.
Sean’s podcast will provide you with insight into the risks and rewards that business owners have experienced when chasing their dreams Whether you’re already in business or have a business idea and are thinking about taking the leap of faith, then this candid look at business success, failure and everything in between is a must-listen.

Lend us your ears

As a Business Coach, one of Sean’s biggest mantras is to focus on learning and self-improvement throughout your business journey. Give us just 1 hour per week, when you’re sat on the train or commuting to the office, to learn from Sean and his interesting array of guests about how you can create the business and lifestyle you deserve. We promise you won't regret it. 

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